The Ganong Dancer of Java: A Changing Traditional Technique to Acrobatic


  • pramutomo rm Indonesia Institute of the Arts Surakarta



Keywords, ganong dance, traditional technique, acrobatic technique




               This article will describe a unique phenomenon that occurs in the area of traditional dance with acrobatic techniques. The focus of this article is on the dancer figure Ganong who is one of the main roles in Reyog dance. The dancer's full name is the role of Bujang Ganong. Bujang Ganong (Ganongan) or Pujangga Anom is one of the energetic figures in Reyog Ponorogo. Hilarious figure at the same time has more expertise in martial arts. So that in every Reyog Ponorogo show, the performance is always eagerly awaited by the audience especially among the children. Bujang Ganong portrays the figure of a young governor who is nimble, strong-willed, clever, witty and supernatural. Physically, Bujang Ganong is depicted as having a small body, short and ugly face, big nose, big round eyes, bulging teeth, long-toothed and long-haired dreadlocks. Bujang Ganong in the past obyog reyog art does not play much role. Bujangganong only became a complement and as a humorous figure entertaining the audience, to break the ice. Acting hilariously at will followed by gamelan, teasing reyog barong, teasing jathil and also interacting teasing the audience. Not many dances and acrobatic Bujang Ganong performed at that time. This article is a methodological exploration combined from an ethnocoreological approach and a gymnastic approach. Visually the influence of the gymnastic sport element is very strong in the form of movements that are outside the dance rhythm. For this reason, this article examines the elements of acrobatic techniques such as what currently appear to be the dominant style of performance in Ganong dance.



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