Research on the Application of Traditional Embroidery Technology in Modern Jewelry Creation


  • Min Li Institute of fashion technology, Postgraduate, Majoring in fashion design, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Shanghai 201600
  • Xiaoyan Zhang Associate professor, Institute of fashion technology, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, 201600



Traditional embroidery technology, modern jewelry design, application research


Tradition and modernity are the eternal topics of art, especially in the age of information.Efficient mechanical production methods to improve the traditional jewelry production process, which achieved the demand for mass production of jewelry.However, with the development of society and the progress of science and technology,  many traditional arts and crafts are lost.From the traditional culture, this paper analyzes the work of embroidery jewelry by studying the traditional Chinese embroidery culture and technique, summarizes the traditional embroidery technology and modern jewelry design techniques combined approach to guide the creative practice.On the basis of studying the theoretical method of combining traditional embroidery technology with modern jewelry, this paper focuses on the application of traditional embroidery techniques in jewelry creation, inspire the potential of traditional craft, to provide reference for modern jewelry design rich Chinese characteristics and attract the attention of  Chinese jewelry industry and inherit the traditional arts.


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