Myths and Modernity: Evaluation of Eliot’s Mythical Methods


  • Min Jiao Guangdong University of Foreign Studies



T.S. Eliot, Mythic Methods, Modernity, Dogmatism, Totalitarianism


Eliot’s mythical methods well serve his “Traditional Modernist’ purpose, to administer to and correct the modern world, instead of collaborating with it. Delineated from Jung’s collective consciousness, myths for Eliot are utilities to bridge the rupture between the past and the present,  escapes off individuality and personality to achieve objectivity. Yet, the paradox remain unresolved between the longing for order and rationality through the nostalgia for the very world of folly and irrationality of the mythic world. Also, Eliot mythic methods work towards dogmatism and  totalitarianism, violating the dialectic and intertextual nature of myths. 

Author Biography

  • Min Jiao, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
    Faculty of English Language and Culture, Associate Professor, MA Course Coordinator


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