One Coin has Two Sides: A Comparative Appraisal of New York Times and China Daily’s News Coverage of Alleged Internet Hacking


  • Wenyu Liu
  • Wen Zhang



News reporting, Attitudes, Appraisal Theory, Engagement, Internet hacking,


There is always some debate as to whether news reporting is objective and emotionless. Under the guidance of engagement system, a sub-system of Appraisal Theory, concerning the conveyance of ideology, the present study attempts to make a comparative study of different ideological attitudes by news coverage in New York Times and China Daily’s (English version) on alleged internet hacking. The findings suggest that similar distributions of engagement resources in the news reports are adopted when engaged in an ideological attitude. Additionally, China Daily and New York Times hold different attitudes to Internet hacking. The attitude by China Daily changes before and after Snowden Event, while New York Times remains the same. 


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