Children’s rights and human trafficking and responsible parenthood in west african country nigeria.


  • Abba Joebarth Dept. of Religion Anambra State University Igbariam Campus



Responsible Parents, Child Labor, Education, Human Rights, Malnutrition and Human Trafficking.


Every child has right to life and if so, it is a responsible parent that could make this workable and realistic to uphold the children’s rights and existence to life. Time is now ripped for the society to look into the Children`s Rights and Human Trafficking and Responsible Parents in Western African country Nigeria.  Children have the natural rights to exist, grow maturely and to develop in whichever hemisphere or environment they find themselves. A good child born to a good and responsible parent ought not and should not encounter or experience in anyway the so called children’s problem through one´s  good mother and father’s care in any family.

We are to peruse here the issue concerning the West African Nigerian child’s rights a responsible parent. On why a child’s rights should not be violated or trampled upon; the expected parental duties, neglect of a child’s education and upbringing, child’s trafficking, malnutrition and maltreatment sagas, the harms with street children and various problems which different children encounter are what this article is all about.  We shall base our knowledge here basically on descriptive, analytical and evaluative methods.

 The issues of solution, suggestions and remedies and the way forward are looked into for the better society of the present era.


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