Schematic Composition in Tuja’i Molo’opu: Official Reception Ceremony in Gorontalo


  • Rachmi Laya Department of English Education Faculty of Letters and Culture Universitas Negeri Gorontalo



Gorontalo Oral Literature, Molo'opu Ceremony, Schematic Composition.


One of the oral literature which is still used in Gorontalo custom event is Tuja'iMolo'opu.  Oral literature is uttered at the ceremonial of official reception in Gorontalo. As other traditions are changing, Tuja'iMolo'opu also along with the changes of the society. Therefore it needs to be held as the Foundation for preservation of the study of oral literature Tuja'iMolo'opu. Thus the ceremony Tuja'iMolo'opu this is not the complement of Molo'opu ceremony. It rather contains a moral messages, which as ancestors messages to the man who will lead in Gorontalo. The theory used in this research is the theory of oral literature Albert Bates Lord and Ruth Finnegan. The theory is applied by using structural and ethnographic aproaches. The structural approach is used to examine the formula and schematic composition of the text tuja'iMolo'opu as oral poetry. While ethnographic approach is used to explore data on leadership message in performance of Molo'opu ceremony as the cultural aspects of the community of Gorontalo. The results of this research show that schematic composition of the Tuja'iMolo'opu is developed by the sequences, they are: 1) opening sequence, 3) report sequence, 4) directives sequence, 5) exhortation sequence, 6)   praise sequence, 7) religion sequence, 8) the hopes sequence, and 9) the closing sequence. The leadership messages included in the Tuja’iMolo’opu as moral messages are: (1) siddiq/honest, (2) amanah/responsible, (3) fathonah/ intelligent, (4) tabligh/ communicative.


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