Bad Action Being Moral Due to Necessary Evil


  • Md. Ezazul Karim University of Oklahoma



Action, moral, immoral, necessary evil.


In the course of the life of a human being, he or she engages in the myriad of actions. Some of which are voluntary in nature. Among them some are evaluated to be moral and the others immoral. Generally we use moral action and just action synonymously. And we also use immoral action and unjust action synonymously. Normally we connect good action with morality and bad action with immorality as if they are necessarily connected. In this paper I want to challenge the necessary connection between the good action with morality and the bad action with immorality. In order to do that I am arguing that bad actions can also be moral. And it can happen due to necessary evil.

Author Biography

Md. Ezazul Karim, University of Oklahoma



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