The Contemporary Cafes Interior Design in the City of Bandung as Representation of Transculturalism


  • J. Jamaludin Insitut Teknologi Nasional Bandung
  • Edwin Widia Institut Teknologi Nasional Bandung
  • Novrizal Primayudha Institut Teknologi Nasional Bandung



industrial-style, transculturalism, contemporary interior design, cafe.


A new interior design trend is emerging in various commercial spaces such as cafes in the city of Bandung. This trend looks retro-style from the 1970s with interior features dominated by metal materials which in terms of design style are also known as industrial look. This phenomenon raises the question of what is happening in the city of Bandung in particular that is driving the interior designers to reuse the industrial look style, this is the subject matter of this paper, associated with the phenomenon of urban society today. The urban sociology and transcultural approach is used as a method to discuss existing phenomena. With the emergence of an industrial style look in the city of Bandung in particular, raised a reality regarding the integration of industrial aspects in the lives of urban people even for cafes spaces that generally display a relaxed atmosphere. The use of industrial style styles in commercial spaces such as cafes, raises the main aspects of the machine in the modern life of city residents, which is efficient and effective even for a relaxed atmosphere. The development of the city seems to have forced its citizens to compromise with problems of comfort even in spaces with entertainment and relaxed nuances.

Author Biographies

  • J. Jamaludin, Insitut Teknologi Nasional Bandung

    Lecturer of Interior design department,

    Faculty of Art and Design 

  • Edwin Widia, Institut Teknologi Nasional Bandung

    Lecturer of Interior Design Department

    Faculty of Art and Design 

  • Novrizal Primayudha, Institut Teknologi Nasional Bandung

    Lecturer of Interior Design Department

    Faculty of Art and Design


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