Civil Defence and National Security: Composition and Implementation Model in National Defence


  • Mr. Muradi University of Padjadjaran



Civil Defense, Conscript, Indonesia Armed Forces (TNI), National Defense, National Security, Reserve Component.


Civil Defense is inherent part of every citizen in many countries anywhere in the world, which differ only in the implementation of the program. The difference depends on the threat level and needs of each country in mobilizing citizens. However, the Civil Defense’s Governance which involvement of citizens is already regulated in a number of regulations and legislation, but as one part of an integrated program linked to the involvement of citizens in the framework of national defense, civil defense program is not enough to have its own laws. So that when applied in the form of operational, interpretation of these programs tend to be not in tune and even have precisely the opposite perspective between the state and citizens. This paper argued that the Civil Defense program is part of an integrated governance program of national security. Therefore, the state should be required to ensure that the program of Civil Defense goes well. This paper is also offer the composition and program models associated with the Civil Defense, Conscription Program (draftee) and Reserve Component. The argument of this paper is that the Civil Defense Program is a linear and continuous with Conscription and Reserves Programs.

Author Biography

  • Mr. Muradi, University of Padjadjaran
    Department of Government
    Faculty of Social & Political Study,


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