Feminism and Society: Solidarity Amongst Pakistani Women Still a Distant Dream


  • Dr. Farhat Jabeen Researcher/ Lecturer Fauji Foundation College Rawalpindi,Pakistan
  • Musarat Jabeen Ph.D. Scholar




Gender &Feminism, women &development, solidarity & women.


This paper envisages feminism in a south Asian gender development particularly in Pakistan. Law is the manifestation of principles of justice, equity and good conscience. As’ Gender’ has been taken up in development policy and practices, have been created that have emphasized some aspects of feminist agendas, and pushed others out of the frame. Research paper gives an overview of women in Pakistan are victimized of gender biases begin from the very first institution home. They are facing challenges in claiming their rights of inheritance owing to customary practices, lacunae in the prevailing legal framework and procedure. Patriarchal structure of society, socio-customary practices and discrimination against women are very serious concerns/issues which need to be understood as multidimensional problem. This paper examines the role of feminism on gender development in south Asian perspective especially in Pakistan. Pakistani women seem to have been circumscribed in bounds of religious, cultural and national ideologies as envisioned by the patriarchy of Pakistan. Due to certain cultural, male domination state of affairs the solidarity amongst Pakistani women still distant dream. Current research paper would draw attention to issue mentioned above.