An Education in Entertainment – Possible Trends in Southeast Asia


  • Benny Lim Chinese University of Hong Kong



Creative Industries, Entertainment Arts, Entertainment Industry, Entertainment Education, Entertainment Management, Education in Southeast Asia


The term Entertainment Industry has been used interchangeably with the term Creative Industries and also has been suggested to be part of the creative industries. The creative industries seeks to provide commercially viable artistic and creative products, known as intellectual property, and in the process of such provision, contributes to the nation’s creative economy. From an education perspective in Southeast Asia, two observations can be made. Firstly, the focus of education in relation to the entertainment industry has always been technical. Secondly, the introduction of the concepts of the creative industries in Southeast Asia has spurred new trends in the education of the entertainment industry. Outside of Southeast Asia, there have been a growing number of academic programs in the field of Entertainment. From within Southeast Asia, Malaysia has taken the lead to introduce two new trends in the entertainment education – entertainment management and entertainment arts. 

Author Biography

  • Benny Lim, Chinese University of Hong Kong


    Department of Cultural and Religious Studies,

    Faculty of Arts,

    Chinese University of Hong Kong 


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