Glocal Multimedia Art as an Unbreakable Narrative


  • Vesna Srnic "Faculty of Teacher Education" J.J. Strossmayer University of Osijek Croatia, EU



Affect, Anthropologization, Glocalization, Multimedia-Art, Performance, Technology.


The usual theory of health and illness unfortunately with its dominant linguistic power incorporated by discursive constructivism, is based equally on the national imagination and issues of „broken narrative“, which causes a broader ignorance of other integrative narratives, especially performative situational multimedia art. There are no glocal multimedially orchestrated art narratives with ego-centrism and nationalism in their basis. Situational performativity of mixed glocal (global and local) reality in multimedia art, seems to the superficial observer like  a mirror or „schizoid“ reality, but in actuality is the astonished multitasked „result“ of the primal, transpersonal, affective process of individuation and blossoming awareness, both of individuals and re-conceptualised society as a whole. Glocal Multimedia Art is our syntagma for a new holistic approach to experience. Thus we orchestrate our own as well as a wider existence from the heart of nature, via affective primordial and cosmic connection. Therefore, we can talk about the phenomenon of the authenticity of the World Sound/Image in a renewing creation of existence through glocal multimedia art and pure experience.  A new philosophy for new media by Mark B. N. Hansen is very important in this area of research as a post-visual affectivity of digital art expressed in a transitional body technique of “framing function” in digital mode. This work is a contribution to the process of anthropologisation of technology through the inclusion of artistic multimedia narratives in healthy, innovative education at institutions and operationally in the wider social re-evaluated reality.

Author Biography

  • Vesna Srnic, "Faculty of Teacher Education" J.J. Strossmayer University of Osijek Croatia, EU
    Department in Slavonski Brod


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